Born in Toulouse France in 1997, Neil Ferry grew up with his grandmother in the South of France. With a complicated family situation and unknown origins, Neil struggled to find his own identity but through performing and singing he eventually found an escape and the meaning to his life. 
 Starting out as a dancer, his raw talent was immediately acknowledged by his teacher who got him a grant to enroll at the Paris Dance Academy. He danced professionally until the age of 17, when his love for music and singing became his main focus. 
 Influenced by Michael Jackson and more, he started writing and recording his first songs on his computer in his apartment. He soon found his own sound travelling through Dark R&B/Soul to Pop and melancholic melodies. His vocal talent didn’t go unnoticed and after a few unsuccessful encounters he turned down several offers and instead stayed independent, trusting his own instinct in keeping control of his career. In 2019 he met his current team, and have since been working on his forthcoming first project due late 2021.

Written & Directed by Alexandre Moors & Raphaelle Gosse-Gardet
Produced by La main productions with the support of the CNC
Label Distrokid